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Juniper Fir & Balsam Spruce is a fresh breath of mountain air. Eucalyptus and lemon peel meet with musky pine wood and sweet apple for a refreshing, invigorating combination. Your new go to Winter/Holiday Scent. 


Top: Cold Mountain Air, Lemon Peel, Eucalyptus
Heart: Green Apple, Juniper, Fir Balsam
Base: Cinnamon, Pine Wood, Musk


Contains Essential Oils of Fir Needle from Russia and Ukraine, + Cinnamon Leaf from Sri Lanka


Crystal Meaning:

Red Jasper is a protective stone and helps guard against all kinds of threats. It helps manifest strength, and is a wonderful stone for empowerment, and stability. Garnet, like Red Jasper is associated with the first chakra and has purifying and balancing energy. It brings courage, hope, self-awareness and self-confidence.

Juniper Fir & Balsam Spruce

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