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Mountain Stone Candle was created behind the notion that purer is better; better for you, better for the environment and better quality! 


That’s why all our candles use coconut apricot wax derived from sustainably sourced coconuts.  This natural, non-toxic wax provides a slow burn and lovely scent throw. In comparison to your everyday soy and paraffin waxes it produces less soot and is thus less of a toll on our environment. 


Whether you’re an avid candle user or newly interested we want to elevate your candle experience.  We want to impress you and leave you smiling and relaxed from a product that really is as good as we say it is. There is love and thought put into each of our hand made creations and it is our goal that you should feel that every time you light one.  Ultimately we hope you love our products as much as we love creating them!



Yvette M.

"Valerie's candles are the best! My favorite is oak moss and amber. I light one, turn off all lights, and let the candle work its magic! I only buy these now, and gift them to friends and family!"

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